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Young Quilter wins a 1st rosette

Darci Reeve with her prize winning quilt

Darci Reeve has been an enthusiastic member of Region 5's Young Quilters group and she was delighted to win first prize in the under 11s category at the Quilters Guild held in Portsmouth in May 2014.  Darci hails from Fairford near Cirencester in Gloucestershire and is aged 10 and she started sewing at about age 7.  The theme of the competition was A Day at the Seaside.  She says "My ideas and inspiration came from seeing a few fabrics at Malvern Quilt show last October. These were the blue swirls/rock pools, different patterned zigzag in blue and yellow for sea and sand and the brown pattern for the sand dunes. The idea of the scene was now firmly in my head and so I went around the rest of the show and found all the other fabrics I wanted for it.  I had some help with the hot ironing with the fusible applique but all the sewing was done on my own machine - a Xmas present in 2012".  Her final comments were "I really love sewing" and winning the rosette was "the best moment of my life"

Darci has attended many of the regional YQ workshops which have, until recently, been co-ordinated by Joanne Galloway from the Bristol area. 

The region is looking for a new YQ representative - possibly as a role share.  For more information about local YQ events contact the Region 5 secretary, Marilyn Miles