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Three region 5 entries to Modern Quilt section of FoQ

Ruth Case to left and Pauline Cullimore on right

This is a relatively new category for the Festival of Quilts.  Modern quilts are functional, minimalist and have inspired modern design.  Amongst other things, they often use asymmetry, re-interpretation of traditional quilt blocks or lack of visible block structure.

"Elm Creek Sampler" was one of several entries by Juliet Nelmes of Weston Super Mare. Inspiration came from Jennifer Chamberine's book Loyal Union Sampler and the piece was quilted at Midsomer Quilting

Pauline Cullimore from Cheltenham says that the idea for her "Push the Button" quilt came from a fantasy 'control panel' of desires/wishes/emotions.  For the user to create the day of their choosing and even modify it as the day progressed.  50 buttons gives a lot of choice.

Finally, Ruth Case of Bristol entered an original design -  "The Four Seasons".  Foundation pieced shapes in colours, representing the four seasons, in a modern quilt style