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Region 5 entries to the Art Quilt category at FoQ

Elizabeth Baker on left, Sylvia Hammond on right

The Art Quilt category at the Festival of Quilts always attracts a lot of entries and interest: 2017 was no exception with over 100 entries.

Three quilters from Region 5 entered pieces.  Elizabeth Baker from Cinderford called her piece "London Green Belt - At Risk?".  She is a Canadian visiting the UK in 1971 she was surprised and delighted and how much green was protected. Now living in Gloucestershire she is saddened by the treat to the green belt by developers

Liz Hewitt from Bristol and her quilt "This land is barren and broken" was inspired by the impact of mining on the landscape of Cornwall

Sylvia Hammond from Stroud used hand dyed linen, silk and cottons.  "Every colour under the sun" was ijnspired by the Mexican architect Luis Barranan, ezspecially his use of primary colourts in Galardi House