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Quilters from Region 5 part of Contemporary Quilt exhibition in Devon

Chrissie Seager. Blood Orange

Contemporary Quilters West is a group of 25 quilters who are based from Cornwall to Wiltshire.  Alicia Merrett, Stephanie Crawford, Maria Harryman, Chrissie Seager and Jan Hassard are some of Region 5 quilters are are part of the latest CG exhibition entitles Unfolding Stories 3 which will be held from 27th April to 3rd May in Kingsbridge, Devon

Chrissie Seager says "I love working with textiles. I work in sketchbooks and also utilise the computer to design my pieces but mostly improvise directly from the fabric.  I hand dye and screenprint my own fabrics, then add the detailed design using dyes, fabric paints and discharge agents. The fabrics are machine and hand stitched, mostly into quilts but also into small embroideries. 

My work is very abstract and includes my own mark making and text."