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Pictorial Quilts from Region 5 at FoQ

Memories of Scotland by Kathleen Matthews-Saunders

Kathleen Matthews-Saunders lives in the Forest of Dean, but her pictorial quilt reminded her of Scotland where she often goes on holiday and takes lots of photographs.  These are printed onto inkjet fabric and then machine embroidered and quilted.  The centre panel was fabric painted and other fabrics were hand dyed or included chiffon, cotton, scrim, lace as well as metallic and rayon threads.  Finished sections were then pieced together

By contrast Vivien Fox lives in the southern part of Region 5 in Shepton Mallett and her quilt is called Tea for 200.  It was developed from a cross stitch magazine pattern published in 1997.  It comprises 1" squares and strips.  Vivian adds "I love the Art Deco simple forms, angles and curves; and the bright colours of Clarice Cliff appeal to me"

A 3rd entry from our region was by Jenny Lester of Bristol who used a picture done by her 5 year old granddaughter and then quilting through the acrylic wax.