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Newent Quilters reproduce quilt for National Trust property

Finished trundle bed quilt

13 members of Newent Quilters spent many months making a small quilt for the child’s trundle bed located in the Waggoner’s Room at Brockhampton Manor.  It was designed to reflect the period (1850) and although the fabrics and materials used were new they needed to be in the styles and patterns that would have been available to the wife of the Waggoner. Both cotton and wool fabric were utilised.

The batting came from the fleece of a Jacob sheep and needed to be washed, dried and carded.  These became “batts” measuring approximately eight inches by twelve inches. They were laid side by side and end to end until it was big enough to accommodate the quilt top (the finished size was 40" by 48"). The batts were loosely stitched together and then sandwiched between two layers of muslin.  Quilting was done by hand - a first for some members of the group.

The quilt was handed over to the National Trust in May 2015