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Joy's quilt takes pride of place "In the Spotlight

Union Jack meets Log Cabin

The "In the Spotlight" gallery at the 2017 Festival of Quilts displayed the work of quilt makers on the theme at "No place like home".  The gallery is intended to show up-and-coming quilt makers who are either relatively new to quilting but who show exceptional talent or someone who has been quilting longer but who has suddenly developed their work further.  There were 18 entries from 14 regions of the Quilters Guild and 4 of the specialist groups.  Joy Salvage was nominated by our Region 5 to make this piece. Joy says "influenced by the colours of the Union Jack and using my favourite log cabin and pineapple blocks, this is machine pieced on a paper foundation.  It contains 25,000 pieces and took about 950 hours to complete".