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Gloucestershire Quilt groups collaborate again

A lap quilt made from orphan blocks using the "Quilt as you Go" method

Chalford Stitchers and Five Valleys Quilters are close by, both on the outskirts of Stroud in Gloucestershire.  In 2015 they held their quilt shows on the same weekend and encouraged visitors to travel the 4 miles between the 2 venues

Over Christmas, on hearing that 10 refugee familes were due to come to Stroud District, they got their stitching hands together and in the course of 4 weeks produced quilts and cushions so that each family will have a gift.  Five Valleys donated 2 quilts and the rest came from Chalford Stitchers

In February, a further 9 cushions made by Chalford Stitchers were passed to the Stroud welcome committee for the refugees who are due within a month or so.