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Dawn Pavitt quilt to be on display at regional day

 The quilt pictured is part of the Quilters Guild 90s collection and was made in 1992 by Dawn Pavitt of Region 5.  An image of the quilt was also used on the Region 5 publicity leaflet which was given away at the 2017 Festival of Quilts.  As well as contact details of the Region 5 committee, the leaflet also included a list of forthcoming events in the region.

This untitled quilt was designed to represent features of the landscape found in Somerset and Gloucestershire as seen through a framework of blue Bristol glass. It is made from cotton fabrics which have been hand dyed and machine pieced together. The whole piece is hand quilted and the central motif is applied. Commissioned and presented by Region 5 (Gloucestershire, Bristol and Somerset).

The quilt is being loaned from the Quilters Guild Collection and will have pride of place at the next regional day on October 7th,  south of Bristol.