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7 touchy feely quilts to go to Project Linus

One of the finished sensory quilts

Five Valley Quilters who are based in  Stroud recently held a quilting bee and made 7 quilts for disabled children. The quilts were handed over to Jackie Hebblethwaite of Project Linus who will pass them on to SENSE a charity that supports children (and adults) who are deaf as well as visually impaired.

There were many considerations to be taken into account when making these quilts - not only were they to be washable and colourful, but they needed to be very tactile. Each quilt had 49 squares and about one third of the squares were sensory.  These included fake fur, satin, broderie anglais, flannelette, and sari silk backed with lining or other cotton squares for stability if needed. Plain cotton fabric was sewn into pleats and then cut into squares.  Ribbons and braids gave different textures.  A cross-stitcher friend made a number of motives on shiny aida fabric (clown, teddy bear, parrot, fish).  A few squares had a large button, piping cord or a number of beads sandwiched between two cotton squares.  The button etc could move but could not be pulled out!  

Abigails Crafts in Stonehouse kindly donated some of the fabric and Mother Goose in Nailsworth helped with the ribbons.