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Karen Parry: Needle know-how by John James needles

This event takes place on 19th April 2018 from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and will take place at St Luke's Church, Hatfield Road, Wellsway, Bath BA2 2BD. It is a Affiliated Group event being organised by Bath Quilters, .

Karen's talk will be about the different types of sewing needles.  She provides a handout with all the information about the needles and goes through it in a very clear, informative and entertaining way.  John James mneedles are regarded as the best needles manufatured in the UK and Katen includes a brief hisotry of the company.  She will have a huge range of needles for sale for all varieties of work, so it will be a great ipportunity to stock up

There will be a charity raffle in aid of RUH

see Bath Quilters website for more information

Members of Bath Quilters are fee and visitors are charged £5